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Hi! I'm Philip. I've got a mobo and vga compatibility issue. My current mobo is Gigabyte GA-8I915ME-G and I plan to buy a PCI-E vga card ATI HD4670 1Gb DDR3 / HD4670 512mb DDR3 / HD 4650 512mb DDR2

What PCI-E vga card can you suggest that'll be compatible for my mobo?
I've already provided my mobo and the vga cards' links.

My mobo (Gigabyte GA-8I915ME-G)

HD 4600 series

ATI HD4670 1Gb DDR3,HD4670 512mb DDR3,HD 4650 512mb DDR2

Plus I want to add, if this processors will be compatible with my mobo?

Intel E5400 2.7ghzmhz fsb


Intel E5700 3ghz 800mhz fsb

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Any pci-e graphics card should work with any motherboard with a pci-e slot in it.

Ok bro. Thanks for your advice. Also, I think it goes the same as to processors.

No, processors can be more of a pain. The best thing to do is decide on a motherboard then check the manual for it for processor compatability. Most motherboard manuals are available in pdf format from the manufacturers website.

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