Ok here is the problem i have,

If there is a next page available. for example if you do a google search, don't find what you want so you press back and try again. the next page button will be highlighted because it has a page in cache....well anyway the problem is. no matter what key i press. it will jump forward to that page.

it does it with firefox, internet explorer. and explorer when i'm just going through my documents etc...

it's getting really annoying as i'm having to open up a new page whenever i wanna search again.

i was hoping this was a known virus or spyware issue.

it does it with 2 different keyboards too, so it's not the obvious

thought i would update and say it also does it with football manager 2006. which once again has a previous and next screen buttons.

if i search. press the back button and search again. it jumps to the next page on that too