I am trying to deactivate a touchpad on an HP2730p Notebook with a stipulation. There is software running on the notebook that is required to be there because it is owned by a company, so the software is a security software. You can't run the HP synaptic touchpad drivers because it classes with the software installed for security, so the touchpad uses default mouse drivers.

I've tried Fn + f7 and Fn+ f9. It says it's disabled, but it's not.

I've tried disabling it in BIOS, but is also disables the stylus which is what I want to use.

Are there any other ideas on how to do this?

Under Device Manager, there is:

HID - complaint mouse: Disabling this disables touchpad/stylus/buttons.
Drivers: mouclass.sys

PS/2 compatible mouse: No option to disable
Drivers: i8042prt.sys

Well, two solutions I've found. Unscrew the keyboard and unplug the wire to the touchpad (untested) or put vinyl tape over the touchpad (tested and it worked)

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