I've been an Alienware laptop owner for a little over 3 months now and I have dreaded nearly every day of it. I want to keep you from experiencing the frustration and loss of productivity that I have experienced.

One day after about 3 weeks of use, my laptop just refused to turn on. I spent 4 hours on the phone with a technical agent only for him to tell me that I needed to send it in to the manufacturer. I received it back about a MONTH later- my video card and several other things were faulty. This wouldn't be so incredibly horrible except for the fact that I work from home on the internet for the majority of my income.

Just last week my Alienware broke. AGAIN. The backlight does not come on meaning I have a Very dark monitor that is only barely visible at a very sharp angle. I have placed in the order right when it broke but I doubt it will get here before I leave my University for Christmas break.

There are many other downsides to this machine. I only wish I could get a refund. First of all is the portability of the machine. It weighs over 20 lbs and has a battery life of ~45 minutes (on a good day). Also, it gets scorching hot on the part where your wrists lay.

In summary, Alienware should be avoided at all costs because it has proven to be a sub-standard peice of junk.


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