Guys i have a Dell Dasktop tried chabging Ram, Changing Proccessor but the the orange light keeps flashing and it doesnt boot, at times it boots and shuts down itself during the session. Help out Guys what might be The problem

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Can you boot in safe mode and access the bios. Try checking the parts and see whether any of them are lose or faulty. Take another laptop and try replacing parts on your computer using parts from another laptop. Did you change anything recently like adding more Ram or changing Hard disk, and how about any virus detected by your anti virus software.

See this too



Jingda its a Desktop not a Laptop. yes i did change Ram but i replaced the same once which were there before...and i cant access the Bios because now it is only flashing but previously it would boot. is there any other thing i would check out?



The dell site has the codes for the flashing lights in the service manual for the specific model. Go to their site and use the service code to get to the manuals on your computer. On Dell desktops if your don't see a label that specifically says it is the service code it is usually on a 1/2 X 3/4 inch white label on the back of the unit.

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