I have a Humax FOXSAT HDR PVR which can only export recorded files through its USB 2 to an external storage device that is formatted FAT32 or EXT3 (not NTFS). Can anyone kindly advise me are any of the large storage HD’s compatible with that requirement? What is the largest & which make/type?


dear Brian ,
I have just trod this road big time!
The humax unit uses USB to record EXT3 files that are put together to make up thye rorgram that you are recording. It is no uise tryhing to use that on windows , it just does not work as windows uses the NTFS format. however you can using an external hard disk (one that does NOT have any usuer friendly software' ie a virgin disk and then format it using linux or a partition manager ,that formats in ext 3 then you can use that hard disk to record and also to play back on linux machines or humax. to try to use it on windows is a real pain and you need a EXT3 to NTFS convertor and I do not suggest going down that line.... sorry to be less than helpful but it is a real pain that microsofty have imposed on us.
even with linux you will need to download extra files but it can be made tço work.
I used the western digital 1.5 terabyte but without its 'friendly' software as it was not friendly to humax and then formatted the disk in EXT3 and my wife says its great!

Thanks, M, for your swift helpful reply from experience. Another friend of mine advised me to buy the storage disc unformatted and then USB it to my Humax, which he said should give me the opportunity to format it and a choice of FAT 32 or EST3. Does that sound right to you, please? Or have you a better & simpler way?


if you format fat then you will restrict the size of programs that you can record. (FAT only takes up to 4 Gb )
so my advice is use EXT3 as that means you can record any length but does have the draw back that it cannot be used on widows but can be used on Linux!
So now its up to you but do go for unformatted (we bought 1.5 terrabyte disk and the formatting may take an hour or more to do!)

Thanks, M, once again. So, did you use your Humax to format your disc EXT3, as I queried?

no, fortunately I have several machines one of which is linux and one is windows. I used partition manager on the windows machine as it has the ability to format in various differeing formats and I wanted EXT3 as it is suited to large disk sizes.
I see no reason why you shouldn't use the humax but as above make the choice (if the humax offers it) relative to your needs. (FAT is increasingly old technology...!!)
Also if it does go wrong you can always reformat the external hard disk (but losing any data on it)later, if not from the Humax then from a linux machine or good hard disk partition software;


Hi M,
I thought you would like to know that the technical specialist of Humax UK has replied to my query that my PVR is incapable of formatting an external drive either FAT32 or EXT3. I will therefore either have to find a drive supplier who will format it EXT3 or a friend with Linux who can do it for me?
With best wishes & thanks for your help,