Is there a way to recover a password? I don't want to Reset it. OR if I reset it, will it tell me the original password? Okay, I'm a terrible father. I need to see what my kid's up to and need to log in to his G4 (desktop). If I reset the password, he will of course know that someone's been on his computer. Call me names if you will, but I'll do whatever I have to to protect my kid. Thanks.

First it depends on what account you want to recover his password. If your children is the admin of his computer, you are in a tough situation. You can either ask him to tell you the password which sounds a bit funny and will not work. On download a free trial keylogger on his macbook. Keylogger are able to keylog weak password. That means it is able to trace the password but only for a weak one. Strong password that has uppercase and numbers are difficult to crack if you use the free trial version of keylogger.

Other than the two above steps there are no way to recover the password unless you reset it which you do not want to.

If you want to protect your kids from harfuml sites or other things just to monitor them you can use the built in parental control not sure whether the G4 macbook has it.