i bought a 1tb maxtor one touch external harddrive. now i broke the case so i took it apart and put the drive in my pc.
i connected it via the two cables (power and connect it to motherboard)
as you can tell im not the most techincally minded but i presumed it my hp compaq dx2200 pc would just automatically find it.....it didnt. i looked in disk management and its not even recognised on there.
i looked in my bios and i cant find it in there.
i dont know wat to do as i have a lot of data on it and dont wanna lose it etc.

any help would be fantastic

Searck the net for a bios update for your computer, that may well sort the problem as most pc's were designed long before 1tb drives existed.

Did you break the case by accidentally dropping it? Might have also broken the drive...

You can try a test by removing your current HDD and CD and only plugging in your 1TB drive. Try each SATA connector and make sure that you tell the BIOS to auto-detect drives after you move the drive if you have that option.

If all your cables are snug, and your get spin on the drive (meaning it is getting power), there is not much else I can think of. If you don't get any spin, the drive is not getting power or is not functioning and thus will never be able to be recognized by the system.

I know I always go back to this but if the drive spins up, try another PC (if you have one). Alternately you can try an HDD to USB converter and see if it is recognized as a mass storage device. I don't know of any device that can test an HDD if you cannot get the BIOS to recognize it.

if it isnt working can i recover the data some how???

If you can get it to recognize in the BIOS it is possible. You can try the HDD to USB converter and see if you can plug it in like you would a flash memory device.

I only recommend the HDD to USB device because it would be cheaper than giving it to a repair technician to diagnose. If you are really concerned with the data, you might want to skip the converter and go right to the technician as they may have more tools at their disposal.