Hello, I recently bought a new power supply box(400 watt), I am using a radeon 9700 pro and i plugged in all my IDE cables and power cables to my drives(with the new power supply) and the power connector to the radeon, but when i turn on my computer my monitor does not work (i do not get a message saying i should plug in power to the video card which i usually get if i did not have the power plugged into the card), and my computer makes this constant clicking sound. Everything else powers on fine and my monitor is properly plugged in as it works fine with my old video card. I tried another old ge force 4 MX card and it works, I also tried using a floppy drive to see if that power connector cord was faulty, but the floppy drive also works and gets power, just the radeon 9700 does not.

Any idea's will be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Are you sure you're using the right kind of connector?

You could have a bad card/connector on your hands. I'd get a 4-pin Molex to floppy power adapter, and try a different line coming off of there. That might make a difference, if you're already using a bunch of splitters.

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