Just had to install new hard disc due to hard disc crash and decided to install xp Home at same time as new disc, everything fine, all hardware looks okay EXCEPT my sound card. Registered okay, drivers loaded okay, no complaints from XP home but no "&£(*$)(% sound. All leads connected, all drivers installed, no conflicts
Any ideas?

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I have a similar problem. Just installed the same card on Windows 2000 and Windows 98 dual boot system, but after cold boot NO SOUND with either operating system.

There is no indication in Device Manager that anything is wrong, and the sound appear to play visually on the screen but you don't here anything. If the computer is rebooted the second time the sound comes on and stays on on repeated reboots until the computer is off for a few hours. Then, the next day NO SOUND until reboot.

Any ideas on this one?



Did you get the latest driver from here It's an oldie - as support ended a long time ago. If you guys can't get them working i would suggest a Chaintech AV512 CMI 8738 card from newegg for a temprary replacement (it's actually far better than the SB PCI 128 anyway) and runs about $12.00 US.

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