I replaced the LCD screen on my Dell Inspiron laptop and all worked fine at first.

Later the screen bezel melted in the lower left corner (hole right through) after taking the laptop apart I found that the LVDS cable had melted/burnt through.

I am just wondering what could have caused the LVDS cable to get hot enough to burn through the cable insulation and melt the plastic bezel. I am suspecting that the replacement LCD screen might have been faulty causing a large current drain which the cable couldn't handle.

Laptop works fine when connected to external monitor, battery holds a good charge and laptop runs fine on either mains or battery.

I would be grateful for other peoples thoughts.

Many Thanks.

did you replace it with a Dell replacement ,or did you use a generic nockoff .
either way , i think your assumption about the lcd being faulty of maybe the power inverter was/went bad

It was a cheap generic screen, I guess you get what you pay for!

i have no laptop experience, but most electronics are like that. just like a cd player that has the wrong power supply adapter. not exactly enough power, it'll barely work. too much and well, i never tried that yet!
someone i knew tried hooking up like ten car speakers to one stereo amp(by splicing the wires)! it burnt of course. we were so young i can laugh about it now
point is we all been there. you can still fix it, right?

It was a cheap generic screen, I guess you get what you pay for!

well at least you can try getting the proper one and try again or just make a desktop computer out of it

I am going to replace with a genuine dell screen but also now need a new screen bezel and new LVDS cable. It is frustrating that extra damage was caused. I bought the screen through a business on eBay, I have been in touch with them as I am not happy with the generic screen and want a refund (LCD screen still within 3 month warranty period) and I want damages for the costs of a new bezel and LVDS cable. The company has come back requesting that I supply them with a technicians report that the screen is faulty! Grrrr.

well,i'm certified in some things, i don't think you are lying. you should tell them you are going to call the BBB on them ha!
the question is: did they say it was compatible/good with your machine? a good company provides product matching automated right on the site. give them a one more chance to replace. if they at least cover the shipping(or something)

but i would get my exchange part replaced for free at least, and then call the BBB ha!

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