I am not sure if anyone could help with this...I am not sure if it overheating or theres a memory problem...It will lockup when it is idle for a hour or more. It is a
2.66 GHZ intel CPU
1 gig memory
400 gig sata harddrive
gigbyte GA-8VM800PMD-775-RH Motherboard
500 volt power supply
windows xp home with all updates
I leave the case open to help keep it cool. none of the fans or making noise.cpu cooling fan is running at 2308 rpm

Explain what you mean when you say lockup

It is froze and the only thing you can do is reboot..can't move the mouse or use the keyboard.

Explain what you mean when you say lockup

I had a similar if not the same problem. Solved it by updating my Windows

try to scan your pc, it might have a malware inside....

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