I have been given a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 to fix by a friend, but it is stumping me currently.

Friend put new screen because previous one was cracked. He couldn't get it to work, though claims to get it to display like old DOS machines, but I have not seen this.

I have removed screen and keyboard and checked all connections which seem to be ok. Hinges are cracked but cabling looks Ok.

A few days ago, having removed screen and put it back in again I powered up laptop without keyboard connected and screen worked fine. We know screen works.

I found a suggestion that inverter might be knackered, so followed instructions to check that, i.e. remove battery, power lead, hold down on/off switch etc.

I reconnected keyboard and screen does not work.

Removed keyboard and screen worked.

Hey presto - problem to do with keyboard......

Left it a few days

Screen does not work with or without keyboard.......

I have tried mains or battery power, no difference.

I have also checked hard disk from another PC, that is fine. When switching on disk spins up fine

Any suggestions please ?

Thanks for your help


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