Hey guys i just installed 4GB of ram, only show's up as 3GB in XP though, no idea why, i have a Geforce 8600GT if that's anything to do with it not showing it in full? If there's a solution to this then great! Anyone know any =]?

But with this ram some guy said i should set my page file to at least 10GB, would you reccomend this or do you suppose i keep it lower/higher?

Thanks =]

Installed ram and page file (ram) is apples and oranges. Try letting the OS govern the page file size.
How the system board sees ram and how the OS sees ram is two different views. The system COULD be sucking up some of your physical ram as some sort of buffer, etc.

If you are using 32-bit windows XP then it will only show 3GB of RAM, this is natural and you have nothing to worry about, obviously if you want it to see the full 4GB and your RAM to fully run at 4GB i would recommend upgrading to a 64 bit of windows. (preferably Vista, as there are more drivers and support etc for this.

Your page file should usually be 1.5x the amount of RAM you have in the system.

I.e. 3gb of RAM would be equal to a page file size of around 4.5 - 5.0GB

Your operating system should define this using these calculations by default anyway!

Increasing your page file to 10GB is most definiately not recommended unless you have at least 5GB of ram. This can cause sluggish and worse performance.

Hope this helps