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I'v an intel dg31pr motherboard and now want to buy a processor for it.

Here is a list provided by intel what kinda memory that motherboard would support.And seems it upto ddr2-800 (see the link plz)

And here is list of all supported processors. I don't have much money to buy a quad core so I wanna buy a core2duo. Problem is im not sure which will be better for my motherboard.

2.60 GHz with 2MB cache 800 MHz bus?

or 2.13 GHz with 2 MB cache 1066 MHz bus.
what if I buy this one? 2.93 GHz with 3 MB cache 1066 MHz bus.
what about this? 2.66 GHz (lower than 2.93GHz one) with 4 MB cache(highest) 1333 MHz bus (highest)

Would these 1066,1333MHz processors will do well with ddr2-800? or upper than 800MHz will be useless?

Here is my idea....first I should look for better frequency like 3.0GHz would be the best then I should look for higher amoung ot cache memory and iv absolutely no idea about 800,1066 or 1333MHz thing... which will be better?

Gimme a lesson what should I consider first,second and third....! sorry for being soo noob :D

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What will be the main purpose of your build? Just surfing? Or do you want to be able to game with it?
If we don't know what you want to use it for how can you expect us to offer advice?!?

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Well I'm php coder, learning android development. So often I run phpED (for php),eclipse (java n stuff) and (for html and scripting) Dreamweaver all at same (heavy) surfing.

I don't play games, the game I last played far cry2 mayb. But why not checking out resident evil5 since my gf tells about it at every hour!

don't just recomen buy this...or that...plz explain a little like games need XYZ soo that processor have XZY so it would be better.....using multiple java ide need ABC and that processor has more ABC so it would better....


Did you ever decide on a processor?

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