Hi, My name is mark and I recently bought a pc (Windows XP) from a friend and I checked for space etc and thought instead of just clicking on each program and uninstalling them one by one I thought I should try to restore the whole pc and start as if it was new, while the restoring was happening my electricity went as I am on a key meter so I went to the shop and bought electric and turned back on the computer (which is a Packard Bell with Intel Celeron) now the computer just keeps restarting its self in an infinite loop (I have tried safe mode etc) and won't stop it doesn't have any messages or warnings about corruption I am totally confused as i have searched all over the web and from what I have gathered is, it is failing its P.O.S..T. I don't have a disk of any sort and would really appreciate if anybody could help me

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That was not helpful at all ! Unfortunately I know just a bit about computwrs. I need a description on what I need to do


Try replacing the power supply. I work for a body shop and I have had multiple PC that would at random times just shut off and then minutes later start back up only to have them shut off. it seems likely that with your power going off in the middle of and install/restore that there was a power spike causing the power supply to fail

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