Yesterday after using my laptop and noticing it was kind of overheating I decided to turn it off. But since I forgot to do something I decided to turn it on again(it was still kind of hot).

When I turn it on I notice the screen is still black after a few seconds, but I thought it was only taking long to load, but then the windows welcome sound is heard. Which means it started up. On the other hand, the touch panel it has on the bottom is on, so is the little light the CAPS key has. I´ve tried restarting and many other methods which I found(which for some reason include the battery) but the screen is still all black, although the system is running up.

It an HP Pavilon dv4-2012
It runs Windows 7



Try here. Try the link provided it's from HP, if you recently bought the laptop and is still under warranty they should fix it.

- Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, but the warranty finishes like 6 months ago lol.

I think the problem is just the cable that connects the screen(forgot name) with everything else. I might fix that myself.


I can't be too sure about this issue, but have experienced something similar on an Acer laptop which resulted in the screen not functioning.

It overheated and the screen stopped working completely. Turns out it was an important wire that connected to the display that had melted or detatched or something.

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