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Unfortunately my first post here on Daniweb is not particularly the most enjoyable to write...

Yesterday, I plugged in my laptop - a Asus F3F I've had for about 10 months - and it totally crashed. It started up as usual; I was greeted by the WinXP boot screen, logged in, Windows was being loaded. Business as usual. But as I was plugging in my MP3 player, all the sudden... the screen went black.

I then tried to start up my laptop by letting it run on the battery, but no reaction. I plugged it into a few other outlets but with no success. I am totally unable to boot up my laptop after this fatal crash.

Thank God, both the laptop and the battery stills fall under warranty so I'm going to bring it to the computer store later this afternoon. Still, I was wondering whether any of you guys have any idea what may have caused this crash to be so 'fatal' apparently to even prevent my laptop from booting. There's no sign of my flat buddy still being 'alive'... Any of you guys out there who've been faced with the same stituation?

Well, I better stop here before I start crying HEEEEELLPPP!!! ;)

Awaiting your answers,

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hi there, it's an unusual thing to happen, USB are designed for plug and play operation, it's very hard to determine why your laptop crash in a sudden, i suggest when plugging in any usb device don't plug it why windows haven't finish loading..


Well, I've taken my laptop to the computer store a few days ago and it's likely that the motherboard will have to be replaced. I still don't know how this could happen but as long as I get my laptop back soon and everything works fine again, everything's fine with me.


I have heard that you should always ground yourself before plugging in any sort of USB device mainly because if there is a small static charge from either you walking around or even from the USB stick moving around in your pocket. This can be enough of a charge to fry something inside your computer.

I Have seen it restart and disable computers before but i have never seen it fry one completely. However the computers that i talking about were desktops and not a laptop.
I remember a computer lab at my high school where you could do this with the ipod cable all you would have to do is touch it to the usb port on one of the computers and it would shut it down and disable the hard drive. The only way you could get it running again was to cut all power running into the machine. We used to find it hilarious but im not sure that the teachers did...

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