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Here's one for you to try to figure out.
I believe i've already figured it out but not real certain.
I have this
"HP Pavailion DV6000"
"Service Tag DV6225US"
"Window's 7 32 bit "IE8* but did have "IE9" till I uninstalled it at my client's request.
I hate IE9 as well!!
Messes up all my user & password activations where I cannot get on them.
Using Google Chrome you can get on Chase for sure I found that out thew hard way using "IE9".
First like always I did a Hard reset like your alway's suppost to.
When I turn it on it has power to all components & lights but has just a glowing white background on the screen with all sorts of thin & think lines running down the screen.
The thing is I cannot hear is W7 bootup chime sound if it is or is it not trying to boot at all.
The HDD light is flashing like it doing its thing though.
The wireless light though is always amber even when the switch is turned on.
Now! The wierd thing is when I connect a external monitor it boots up to W7 which I can also see on the external monitor. The screen on the laptop does go to black like they are suppost to when you connect an external monitor up.
When I press the command on screen button on the upper portion of the laptop keyboard the screen powers up.
Now I can work with the laptop trying to trouble shoot if it's Windows causing it or something else.
Tried Device Manager in W7 to see if any drivers were corrupt or missing in the grafhics drivers. Also in the wireless section.
Even upgraded the Bio's file to new version.
My client told me he started having problems with it when his wireless stopped working then he bought one of those wireless pci cards.
It does have Lan activatuion when I plug into my network.
Now to me it has to be one of two things that could be wrong & this is my theory.
One is the invertor screen power board which to me wouldn't explain the not booting up unless the external monitor is attached.
The other is the, yes you guessed it!! the mobo itself with an internal issue with the graphic's chip itself.
Now! The chip if it's that, has to be loose only partially unseated off it's seat & not all the way cause it still has a visible acreen lit up.
Most one's we've all worked on & seen the acreen when the chip comes unseated just causes the screen to go blank & also affects the wireless & stiil has power to the board & components.
That there is the catch with the wireless inop.
Repaired other's with this same issue with the wireless not working plus the screen's were all black & not illuminated like this one & of course it had power to all the components.
This is my first repair of one with this issue is the reason I posted this one to see what exacty what componenet failed.
The GPU or the inverter board.
I wanted ti have a vote with you other's to see who could figure this one out.
It is really one that baffles me.
Not going to tear into it till I hear some votes or clues before I take the board out & ship it off to have the GPU reseated.
Or get another board!!
I have all my boards I remove sent of to have the GPU's reseated or have a surface mount repair done
Thats where they remove & reinsert a very tiny new transistor chip or fuse that fries.

Lets see who's right on this one!!