Hi, Please could you help me with this problem. I have purchased a laptop for my son from (wish i'd bought new) Ebay (my advise, don't collect an item offering shipping it voids your paypal protection, apparently). Originally we were experiencing a problem with the battery not taking the charge and dying within moments of the power supply being removed. Then within a few hours any reboots were causing the laptop to stall on boot, with a series of beeps that meant media failure. We overcame this by rebooting resitting the battery and power wire and all was fine again for a day. Now we are experiencing what looks like it might be a gpu soldering problem

Power light on as soon as power adapter is connected without actually being switched on
charging light on
2-3 seconds of fan movement
couple of clicks from the dvd drive
black screen
no response from keyboard except to power down

but what concerns me is we have no beeps of any kind the power pack has been replaced so unless i'm really unlucky and bought a bad replacement i doubt it has anything to do with power. I have stripped it and checked for lose connection but i'm a bit of a pc person not really sure what im doing inside a laptop. Removed ram and tried booting. Replaced ram with good ram. removed all other components reseated and replaced and all have the same result. Frustrated i may have to pay for reballing if it is the gpu but being sure before i send it off would help loads.

Not sure if theres anything else I should have included here but tia for your help

wait so you can boot into windows? how hot does it get before shutting down?

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