I recently had a problem of my computer booting over
and over again and again
Guess what I found out
At sometime microsoft decided to make a change in
windows XP
And this change has a very dramatic effect on how
your processor reads and writes to the hard drive

On my personal computer which is a HP Pavilion notebook
they recommend to run the recovery from the XP disk
It's actually a check disk program (chkdsk /r)
from the command promt
This does not work!!!

So I loaded a software program called System Commander
this software rewrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) file
And now I have 2 options of sofware programs to boot from

Windows XP Pro SP2
or Windows XP Pro SP1

My computer did this reboot stuff over and over again
Now I just boot to service pack 1 and it is fine
and I still can later boot to SP2 at anytime
And it all runs good

Hp lists on their web page that the com cable to the hard drive needs to be changed from a 40 pin to an 80 pin
connector and that it will fix this problem

I believe that this problem has extended into the more powerful tower computers that dont have the correct
connectors and are still running the 40 pin output

Mine works perfect ever since

No more boot problems
And I can still access the partition for all the data I want
I should just put it back to service pack 1
I had alot less problems then
But I still need to keep up on my anti virus and firewall protection if I do this

I'm noticing alot more pstings for this problem these days

I hope this helps someone
Your friend in computing
Bobby May