I have a usb (with the other end cut off), and I noticed that it is not recognized by the computer. I am wondering how I could make it so that the computer recognizes it. I will eventually make a wireless connection to a camera (security camera) for my room. How could I get the computer to recognize the usb?

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its cut off, what its going to recognize if there is nothing on the end to see ,a computer sees a device on the end ,not the usb cable

How could I incorporate something to make it see the wireless at the end of the usb?

sorry i don't have a answer for you , im not even sure you can just add a wireless device to it ,i guess you have to try attaching the wireless device to it to find out if it recognizes it as a device .

If you are trying to build a USB WiFi card, they can be bought online for under $20.
If you want it to connect to your computer, you need something to act as a router between the devices, either the IP camera needs to broadcast an SSID, or your PC needs an adhoc wireless connection setting up on it so that they will begin talking to each other.

If that doesn't make any sense, it is because you have not described what you are trying to achieve very clearly at all.

Or your could go back to your IP camera and RTM - item 2

here is how I imagined that the connection would go

to camera:
Computer ---usb--> wireless transmitter ---air---> wireless reciever --cable--> camera

from camera:
camera --cable--> wireless transmitter --air--> wireless reciever --usb--> computer --> computer software (that I write) to display the image, and do whatever with it.

sounds like a great project.
for me if i needed that i would have go buy a wireless security camera .cost me money, your is almost free .good luck

I think that I am still missing something.
There are 100's of USB-WiFi transmitters our there already, and 100's of the same in WiFi IP Cameras.

I can only imagine that you caould use those for hardware, and just write your own software. I am sure there must be an IP camera with opensource code, so you could custom write your own software, with someone else's API - that is all you want, isn't it?

this is planned to be a project for school with a group of friends, and out computer engineering teacher. we plan to make a computer controlled robot with cameras and other such things. anyway I figured if I could figure out how to get the video feed back and forth I could also send information to lets say make the robot go forward, and turn as well

your last post should have been your first post ! good luck with your project ,

I stopped doing homework in the spring of 1972 lol

OK. I would do this:

but i would use this truck:

and a router that handles a HSPA stick, like this:
Then add a DYNDNS service into the router.

the upshots of doing this:
Full WiFi control direct to the router for up to 300m

If you need more distance, turn on the HSDPA modem in the router, then access it via DYNDNS' External IP and drive it anywhere the it can get cellphone reception, FROM ANYWHEWRE IN THE WORLD!!!

And that's a cool truck.

Interesting. we would like to build most of it, so the car is going to be built. is there any other way of communicating to the robot from a computer?


that's another option. It is designed to control all kinds of things for a robot. It's kind of ultimate, you can use it to detect obsticles, holes, vanishing points, count simialr.patterened objects, even follow paths/roads (literally) and about a thousand other things.

It prettymuch requires a mainframe to do the processing and a miniPC on the bot to send information/relayinstructions on the bot.

another option is EZ-B

IF you want something else, then you really are going to have to step up your posts and tell us EXACTLY what is is that you are wanting to achieve. The entire project outline.

here is an outline, even if not needed.

a robot (probably a car, or car like).

space - instant stop
up - speed increase
down - speed decrease
left/right - turn
wasd - camera rotation

and then probably a couple more sensors like colliding, and ground disappearing.

I would write a program that sends a certain code through wireless to the robot. Here is how I image it.

user presses up arrow --> to robot --> code [sInc] --> lets more power through to wheels.

user Presses space --> to robot --> code [stop] --> cuts power to wheels

I know it isn't this easy, but that i what we would like to achieve during next semester. then if we can maybe build an arm to open automatic doors, and such, but that is extra

I forgot to mention that I program in Java

From what I gather, everything you want to do, has been done, if you wanted to buy a commercial app. But i guess the whole point here is you want to demonstrate writing your own app.

You need to have a board that understands the commands that you send to it. Do you intend to build that yourself, too? Else there are 1000's at places like RadioShack, Jaycar, or any othe hobbyist store. Either that, or as an electrical engineer to build something for you.

What you then need, is something that catches the signal and converts it into something the board understands. whether that be an RF, or WiFi, or what - again, there is stuff out there, or go ask someone to build it. (beyond me, I pay people to do that for me when I need it.) worst case scenario is a miniPC with a custom Distro, whether Linux or TinyXP (install a full retail key -> else TinyXP is illegal)
or whatever you use.

then you need your prog to be able to send that signal over the RF/WiFi/etc.
That is also beyond me. i guess this is the part that you are looking for. Again, I would hire a dev.

Don't think I can help you any further than that. Everything that you want is already available out of the box, but that defeats the point of the project.

hope I was able to give some insights.

Back to your original question: Short of buying a USBWiFi like this: you are on your own, I think maybe even out of your depth.

this is planned to be a project for school with a group of friends, and our ""computer engineering teacher""

i think he/she should have all the answers as to what you need .

most of my teachers had answers for me/us when we asked ,whether we wanted to hear them or not .lol

this is planned to be a project for school with a group of friends, and our ""computer engineering teacher""

i think he/she should have all the answers as to what you need .

most of my teachers had answers for me/us when we asked ,whether we wanted to hear them or not .lol

We seem to be following a lot of the same posts, CJ. I was actually thinking that it was interesting that a computer engineering student didn't know that a usb with one end cut off doesn't do much...

I like the whether we wanted or not bit. That is a mark of a good teacher.

our teacher told us to research this project. He recommended Arduino, but I am not sure how I could make that wireless. Also the reason was because I knew the electricity would go though, so I thought hey maybe the computer recognizes it if the circuit is complete.

Fair enough.
I have seen it before, but was over my head at the time that I started messing with bots. Actually, it might just suit you, because it has it's own language and boards that you can either buy preconfigured or make yourself.

It also has a highly active user base and forum, and if you used arduino, you would have all the help you would ever need over there.

I looked through the site, and I am not sure which is the best for my needs. Also how would I make it wireless?

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