Pc wont boot, motherboard led comes on, keyboard lights flash, fan starts, can hear HDs start spinning, but nothing on screen, not even BIOS, nothing. Buddy of mine lent me graphics card that he swears works right, which I put in temp to check whether mine was to blame maybe; not that either, still nothing on screen. By the way, I did hook up my monitor to my laptop and it came right up, so it's not the monitor either. I even checked voltage with a multimeter coming from the power source (400W), and the yellow is consistently at 11.88V (somewhat below the supposed 12V) and the red is at 5.21V (somewhat above 5V). These values hold even if I disco the HDs and the CD drive before I boot. I measured the 20 pin motherboard power-connector values also and they are all within .4V of their specifications. I don't think this is a power issue. I also visually inspected the CPU (did NOT pull it out), seems ok, no reason to believe any pins broken, never touched it since install, no major trauma or kicking occured; I only do that to my cat when something dont work (just kidding :) ). So I assume it's gotta be the motherboard, though I cannot imagine what could've gone wrong. It's and ASUS peice: P4T533-C. Took all 4 memory sticks out, without which motherboard dont work, I know this from when I put it together, and put them back, making sure all is clean and secure. Any ideas, suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated!!! I REALLY dont wanna take the board out, takes too long..

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does it have onboard video? if so try and hook your monitor to that port and see if you see anything on the screen. If not, try and clear the cmos battery on the motherboard to see if that does anything.

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