Sorry for a simple question but I can't find an answer.
I want to hook my pc to my home theater and still have my speaker system on my pc also.

I don't understand what pin(s) I will be plugging into to get stereo sound.

From left to right:
yellow: line out 3 = rear center out
black: line out 2 = anolog rear left and right
green: line out 1 = anolog front left and right
pink: microphone input
blue: line in
black: digital audio

My pc speaker system uses black and green for front and rear and sub. My theater input will be a left and right rca auxilary. What jacks do I plit off of to get the correct stereo output to my home system and still have my pc speakers hooked up?
I am about to order 50 ft. of cable and want to make sure I order what splitter(s) I will need.
Thanks for listening

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found the answer through Creative's forum. They make a little module that splits one 1/8 female into two 1/8 female keeping them all in phase (stereo). 1 for the pc and the other for a 1/8 to 2 rca's (left, right) for the home theater.

Just so ya know, it can be done.


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