when my computer goes to stand by it doesn't come up with my mouse signals ,and not even with the keybords keys till i push the windows start button,and then my computer restarts .and i get this massege:

computer restarted after an unexpected shutdown.
microsoft windows detected a possible device failure.
the diriver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation.
what should i do?

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Considering that the message reads, "The display driver for ATI Technologies Inc. RAGE 128 PRO AGP 4X TMDS seems to be responsible for the system instability", I would start by upgrading your driver to the latest version. You can find your driver on ATI's website.

Try that out and see if it helps at all.


After i downloaded the whole file and almost was compliting the installation,i got this message:
thx for helping ,but can u tell what should i do now?

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That means that you got the wrong file. You need to ensure that you are getting the driver that exactly matches the hardware.


my fan's power was making a lot of noise and damaged .when i changed it i don't have that problem any more.thx for helping me.

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