Hey guys, just a quick question.

I got the Asus A8N-SLI motherboard and it's got the AC97 soundcard (or something like that).

What I want to know is does it fully support 5.1 speakers or at least so I could hear "where the people are coming from" in America's Army.

Heh, yeah, I'm a worried gamer. :p

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yes it does providing that you have a 5.1 speaker setup and they are all plugged into the motherboard (should be 3 audio jacks plugged into the motherboard from the speakers). It will also then need to be configured in the controll pannel most likely to tell it to use 5.1.

Actually though, your motherboard supports upto 8 channels so that you can have a 7.1 system. But honestly, if you are a gamer, i would buy a soundblaster audigy pci card. You will notice a huge difference in sound quality and will notice where the guys are coming from much easier.

Thanks for the answer.

I saw a Creative Sound Blaster Live 7.1 - 24 BIT - RETAIL soundcard somewhere around for like $40. Is it good?

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