Basic Info

Operating System
MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 59 °C
Windsor 90nm Technology
4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 373MHz (5-5-5-18)
Albatron K8NF4X-AM2 (Socket M2 ) 40 °C
W1943 (1360x768@60Hz)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
Hard Drives
195GB Seagate ST3200826A (PATA) 43 °C
244GB Seagate ST3250823A (PATA) 42 °C
Optical Drives
Realtek AC'97 Audio

My cpu going to 96 temp is a problem
BEcuase i hear beeps coming from my pc and my games slows down
and when it stops it returns to normal any one got any ideas what the problem really is

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my first thought is a cpu fan/heatsync full of dust ,have you checked this yet

I presume that is 96c, not 96f. 96f is not a problem. Under high load, my CPU core temps may get to 50c (Intel 3GHz Penryn E5450 processors). I've had more issues with memory temperatures, where they actually would overheat to the extent that the system (Enterprise Linux) would drop one out of use. By re-arranging the SIMM positions, I was able to get the heat down to manageable levels without replacing the stick.

my pc box is a little unclean

my pc box is a little unclean

im sure it is as most all are , my concern is not the box ,but the cpu fan and heatsinc ,if it has a buildup of dirt it needs to be cleaned ASAP

OKay thanks i ll go check it out ;)

the cpu fan and heatsinc was full of dust
Its much better now ingame
going from 50 > 60 :D NIce
But still want it even more lower more suggestions please
I want my thing spring clean tell me most important areas to clean

I want my thing spring clean tell me most important areas to clean

i use caned compressed air ,to clean power supply fan,and most other parts like harddrive and dvd rom ,i also use a soft paint brush to clean video card and motherboard if they are dusty.
check this might help some.

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