Hi there
my computer refused to power up recently The fans started spinning the lights came on but I had no beep codes and nothing on the screen not even the post screen.

I needed a new comp quickly and so got a new motherboard,Ram and CPU. Once plugged in the computer started fine and ran seemingly OKish. My old motherboard had built in graphics and my new one does not (So i figure the new one is taking a lot less power?).

I was initially running an ati hd4870 however the computer would crash whenever I did anything graphically extensive on it. I figure it could be the GPU and so switched it for my less powerful ati hd 4770. The computer still sometimes crashes.

since it happens with both GPUS and Definitely when doing anything intensive does this seem like PSU is dead? Occasionally it will happen when watching a video or surfing the web but that is rarer. It also seems to be slightly random and inconsistent unless I do something intensive in which case I can guarantee a crash.

I have run fur mark GPU burn in test. If I run it with no presets it seems OK,but as soon as I add AA or MSAA it immediately crashes when it loads the tests. On the 4770 it sometimes runs the tests OK and sometimes doesn't.

Just want to hear if there are any other opinions as to the potential problem and if anyone can confirm this sounds like the PSU before I go out and buy a new one pointlessly.

Many thanks

this might also be caused by faulty ram which could make the computer basicly restart or give you the Dbsod i seen the ram also allow the computer to work fine untill you either start a game or play a video or music then bam restart. also if you didnt uninstall your old graphic drivers and you have the same type of card it might be worth to uninstall all traces of the old driver then install fresh drivers

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