ok long story short....i own a sony vaio PCG-GRX520. i loaned it to my mother in law and she called and said it wasnt working. so i had her bring it back to me. i tried to start it, and it is dead. the lights for power/HDD/battery are all lighting up correctly. i pulled the top portion off to reveal the fans. the heat sink was completely filled with dust, so i blew that out, and cleaned both fans. i tried again, this time the 2 fans both started for about 3 seconds, then they both shut off. it wont access my hard disk, and i get nothing on the screen.

my question is, is this thing more than likely fried out? possibly the processor got too hot from the lack of air flow and burned up? i tested both the fans themselves and both have solid ohms, so im under the assumption that neither of the fans actually has bad windings, and are able to function properly.

i made sure the processor was properly seated, as well as the memory. i double checked and made sure the hard disk was seated properly. all the wiring on the inside appears to be seated good.

any help would be great. i am at a loss. if you have any suggestions, could you please email me at knowfear 'at' majormud.com.

thank you all.

I would say either the processor or the motherboard is tost. Its to hard to say which one though. You might need to send it in to sony to have it repaired.