HP workstation X2100 does it have SATA connection on the motherboard ??
I have just got an Xtream dual storage box and it comes with a SATA port to attach to a PC ...and I am not sure if my old HP workstation has a connection socket on board !1 Please help .....

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Check on the HP web site. Looking at the technical reference manual for the x2100 workstation, it has SCSI and IDE controllers, so the short answer is no, it does not have a sata controller. However, you can get a PCI sata controller for external drives for under $100 USD that would have 4 ports that can each support multiple devices. I use one on my workstation that has 3 RAID enclosures and a single drive dock, for a total of 13 connected drives. I think the controller cost me about $71 (w/ shipping) almost 3 years ago. Looking on the buy.com web site, today it is $69 w/ shipping. It is an Addonics ADS3GX4R5-E controller card.

Thanks Rubberman .....you confirmed my thoughts .. maybe not worth it as the PC only cost 40€

Unfortunately, SCSI drives sell for a premium over sata ones, but it may be possible to find a scsi<->sata adapter. Ok. Doing a quick Google search I found a bunch of these devices to allow sata drives/arrays to connect with a SCSI controller. They seem to be in the $150 USD range. Don't know about how much in Europe (you mentioned Euros in your last post).

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