I bough a CD+RW Optical drive. I cannot find information about what SATA it is. Is it SATA 2 or SATA 3?



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You can use any sata drive in any sata port, where the LCD (lowest common denominator) rules. IE, a sata-1 drive in a sata-3 port will run at sata-1 speeds. Obviously, for best performance (drive read/write hardware notwithstanding) you should match the drive with the port controller; however, since it is likely that even a sata-1 interconnect will exceed the read/write speeds of most any CD/DVD drive, I'd have to advise not to worry about it!

This is the important sentence on the first link that caperjack gave: The designers of SATA aimed for backward and forward compatibility with future revisions of the SATA standard.

IE, it confirms what I said about all sata devices no matter their version, will work with any sata controller and port. AFAIK, the cables are all identical. I have sata-1 and sata-2 controllers and ports in my computer, and sata-1 and sata-2 devices (including RAID-5 arrays) connected to both.

rubberman,i think maybe we both miss the point of the question ,i think poster just wants to know if his/her's is sata 2 or 3 not really concerned with backward compatibility ,maybe !

Exactly. That's what I meant.

Exactly. That's what I meant.

when i google i find nothing on dvd sata 2 or 3 .leading me to believe that there is no such thing as a sata2 or 3 optical drive ,just harddrives ,i think its just sata,also read where on some sata2- sata3 controllers an optical sata drive will not even function ,
in the first link on this google search .

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