Hi everybody,
I am desesperate :
I want to build a custom computer on which i wanna install any OSx version.
I can buy only one of these motherboards :
Intel DG41WV
Intel DG41CN
Intel DG41KR
Intel DG43RK
Intel DH61SA
Intel DH61WW
Intel DH61DL
Intel DP65AL
Intel DH67VR
Intel DH67CL
Biostar A78L3L AM3
Biostar N68S
Asrock PV530
Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3
Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P-B3
Gigabyte GA-P61-USB3P
ECS H61H2-M3 V1.0 B3
ECS G31T-M9 Micro Atx

NO ONE of these is listed in hackintosh DBs !!!!!!!!!
PLEASE is there anyone who tested any of these boards with OSx ?????

First off, you need a cracked version of OSx since normally it relies upon firmware ONLY found on Apple hardware. Then, you need to be sure you have a compatible video card. You might try installing OSx in a virtual machine first, just to figure out what the processes are that you will need to follow to install it on real hardware.

not sure why you posted this in a windows forum,wouldn't it be best asked somewhere like this site , http://www.hackintosh.com/ ,but i could be wrong

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