I have an intel pentium(R) dual core t4200 and I am wondering what processor could replace this one? My laptop is 3 years old for extra information. Also, I know this is not the appropriate section for this question, but I I upgrade from 4 to 8 gigs of ram could I increase the efficiency of my integrated(?) Mobile Intel(R) 4 Express Series Chipset?

Thanks for the help

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The key is in the connectors. Visit the Intel web site to see what other processors use the same connectors. Those should be compatible with your current CPU.

You also need to determine if the processor is fitted in a zif socket or soldered directly to the board. If it is soldered to the board then you will have to change the whole board if an upgrade is available.

Changing the chipset is impossible unless you replace the whole board and that will only be possible if a board with a better chipset is available.

My laptop is 3 years old.

and not many laptop were made to be upgradeable in 3 or 4 years from the date of manufacturer, for best help /info on this matter your laptops make and exact model[usually on the underside of laptop ] number will help best in finding an answer .

thanks for the help

just in case you want to look into it more the make/model of the motherboard is the best place to look to find out the name /model # of the board i use a free program called Speccy ,it will give you all the info on you motherboard ,and then you could google the boards model # and find info on if it can handle a bigger Cpu http://www.piriform.com/speccy/download

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