I am using PC for last SIX years but still don't know what the coomponents do which create the computer?

Can anyone tell me: -
1) What RAM does in computer?
2) What Motherboard does in computer?
3) What Processor does in computer?
4) What is Video Card & why it is used?
5) What is Sound Card & why it is used?

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6 years? You may want to purchase, in my opinion, the best PC hardware book on the market: Upgrading and Repairing PCs by Que.

At a high level...

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It provides an area for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU (central processing unit).

Motherboard - Also known as main board. You'll find all of the shared circuits, and where the CPU, power, and components plug into. You can think of it as the central nervous system.

Processor: if you mean the CPU, its the central processing unit, or the brains. This is where all of the processing occurs. A computer may have more than one processor. Some components, such as video cards have their own processors.

Video card and Sound card... well I think the name speaks for itself. A video card is dedicated to video processing and a sound card is dedicated for audio processing.

I highly recommend that you purchase the book I mentioned. It is very, very comprehensive and each edition includes all of the previous information so you can learn about all of the components since PCs (and their componets) made it to the market.

Oh thank you JorgeM

hi I like to interduce you to my best friend when it comes to learning about computers ,I have been using it since it was created in 2000 ,and used other engins long gone from the internet world

i know but sometimes u dont get what you want to know from google

i used wrong question to find the answers

So are you satisfied with the answers you received here on posts?

  1. the ram holds the data last used by the cpu so it can get to it quickly
  2. the motherboard connects all the componenets in the cmputer
  3. the processor peforms the calculations
  4. the video card does calculations related to video and takes stress off the cpu
  5. the sound card does the same thing but related to sound
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