Hi everyone...

I have this computer which turns on but has no display on the monitor...
-CPU fan does not spin
-Does beep when intially powered on
-Have tried 2 different moniters but still nothing

Thanks in adavnce for any help

Well, if the CPU fan is not running, then there may be a power supply (or fan) problem. I doubt your issue is the monitor, though possibly the video board (integrated or otherwise) may be fubar. I assume you get no BIOS splash/boot screen?

We could do with some more information like what computer it is.

Hi , the beeps is the BIOS device designating the first fault via POST testing of the mainboard during booting
Just define the long short sequence of beeps and consult the BIOS vendor or service manual BEEP list to define the faulty device or sub-system
If in doubt note your computer vendor and model number and BEEP sequence here, as with that information I am sure someone will be able to ascertain the POST detected fault

ps - ensure the +12v cpu power supply is connected to the socket beside the cpu

Step for troubleshooting.
1. Check power socket is working.
2. Check power cord is OK.
3. Check SMPS working.

and if the fan hasn't been working for awhile now ,you may have toasted the cpu already

Check out the power supply of your Pc it certainly has spoiled

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