I have an acer aspire 5710 laptop that ive had for nearly 5 years now. Yesterday though, i tried turning it on and the fan suddenly stopped working after a few seconds. The laptop itself dies two to three seconds later after the fan stopped. I tried turning it on again but the same thing keeps happening.

I tried cleaning the fan and the vent with compresed air but nothing has changed. That's as much as im willing to do by myself because im afraid i might break it further. Im also planning ro send it to a repair shop soon. I would just like to know what might be my problem here, please? Thank you!

I havent changed, removed, or added any parts to my laptop in the time ive had it and apart from the cleaning i do on the fan every three months or so i really havent tampered with the other parts.

P.S. #2
I tried plugging in the battery (i normally use it without) and noticed it starts up fine but whenever i try to go into the setup (pressing F2) this error message appears: "AC adapter is not acer adapter." Or something similar to that.

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It may just be a faulty fan. If the CPU reaches a certain temp, it will automatically shut itself off.

To determine if its an overheating issue, after you turn it on and it shuts off after a few seconds, does it turn on again after you try to power it on again, or do you have to wait until the CPU cools down?

It turns on if i press the power button without having to wait. I was able to use it briefly with the battery plugged in and i noticed that the fan turned on when my laptop reached a certain temp (using a program to monitor temp) and switched off when it cooled down so i assumed that this was normal.

However,i looked at my system tray and noticed my battery wasnt charging at all. I checked if i plugged it in correctly and it was so now im thinking that the problem is my ac adapter... if this is the case then will simply getting a new adapter work or is the problem in my laptop?

Ok, so based on the additional info, that makes sense. I have seen before on many laptops where the connector in the back of the laptop gets damaged.

If you wiggle the plug in the back and you see the charging light turn on and off, then it isnt going to be an AC Adapter problem, but more of a connector issue. Could be either the connector of the AC or the connector inside the laptop. If you buy a new AC adapter, make sure that you can return it in the event that the symptoms return.

If the problem is the connector inside the laptop, that will need to be repaired.

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