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I have an Emachine W3611, Windows Vista Basic, 2GB of RAM and a 3.0GHz processor.
I believe it took a lightning stike, not too long ago. It doen't want to boot up. Sometimes it would start running but then shut off after a few seconds. Nothing apears on the monitor, and it's a different monitor that I know works. So I guessed it to be a motherboard. I tried a different power supply and got the same results. I ordered a motherboard off of Ebay and installed it but I get the same results. Would you say that it's the processor ? The processor # is SL9KG

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I got a new power supply and a CPU. I hooked it all up and the only thing that happends is the fans spin. I think it's the motherboard.....what do you think ?


Yes, but that did the same thing. I got another ,(used), board in but it was bad. I sent it back to where I bought it from and am waiting for a replasement board.


If you believed that the lightning damamged your PC, there are many parts could be faulty.

Mobo and PSU is the best part to start with, but VGA RAM CPU could be the faulty part as well.

Good luck on your new mobo.

Hope this helps!

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