hello. for some time now (about a month) i have noticed that my monitor is darker then it's suppose to be. i have to up the brightness and contrast to 100 percent AND go into my NVIDIA control panel and up the gamma to 1.31 to get it bright anough for gaming and stuff. (because in games everything is kinda dark and i cant play like that) i use to beable to have brightness on 65 and contrast on 100 but now i cant it's to dark when its on that. it's not really really dark to where u cant see anything on the screen but its dark anough to onny me and not let me play games. i keep messing with it right now because i cant get it *perfect* it's ether to dark or to bright and it's really getting me mad i never had this problem before

its a trinitron 19inch CRT my bro gave me it for my birthday last year he got it used. he told me it was dropped once but i never thought anything of it.

now my video card i have a geforce 6800 gt OC and i got a zalman cooler on it. well about a month ago one of the memory heatsinks fell of it and wont go back on so i been using the video card without that one memory heatsink but all the other 6 are on. my card runs at 55c idle and prob 70c under load could my video card be broke or do you think it's time for a new monitor? and if so do any of you know any good and cheap brands i could buy. i really dont wanna use 300+ dollars on a monitor i perfer a 17inch or 19inch but i dont know what brands are any good


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I would start thinking about a new monitor, the card when it goes will make you lose all , and you would get a BIOS beep code on bootup.

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