I have killed my machine and I need your opinions!

I recently tried upgrading my old Advent 3206 machine by putting in some new SDRAM. I am sure that I bought the right ram but when I tried putting it in my computer I don't think I must have pushed it home into its dimm slot fully. Anyhow when I turned the computer on after installing the ram nothing appeared on the monitor. The harddisk and the fan on the cpu, graphics card etc all seem to work but the monitor isn't receiving any signal from the computer.

Having tried 2 different graphics cards I have still had no luck. I have also tried booting up with the ram in different dimm slots with no luck. I was wondering if you think I have fried the ram? If you start a computer without any RAM in would something appear on the monitor?

Anyhow if you think you know the answer to this problem please get in touch.



Generally a pc without ram just beeps, but it probably depends on your rig.

I don't know whether you're UK or US based, but it might be a good idea to go to ebay and pick up a cheap post code reader - these tell you the error code for where your pc stops loading - a big help for troubleshooting dead machines! Thy're usually about £5.

well i was trouble shooting a friend through the phone one time. his pc wont boot. i suggested for him to take out the ram and reseat them. well he did not placed the ram tightly. when he powered on error beep small smoke. ram literally had a burn on one of its contct points.

you can chedck if it has physical signs of burn

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