I have a :
AMD Athlon II X2 260 CPU @ 3.2 GHZ
6gigs of Ram DDR3
GTX 550 TI GPU clock 970MHz Memory Clock 1050MHX and shader 1940MHZ
500W PS
250 GIGS,1TB and 2TB hardrive

now my questions is that should i sell my Motherboard and CPU,and get a Core i7 for should i just get a amd phenom ii x6 1100t?please guys help here..

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Unless I'm mistaken, the Phenom and Athlon series are both AM3 socket CPUs, so I'd suggest saving the money and just getting the Phenom. I'm currently running the Athlon II X3 at 3.0GHz, and have no problems. Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) gives me a rating of 6.8 out of 7.9, with my CPU being the lowest rating.

64GB Samsung 830 SSD
1TB HDD + 40GB Page File HDD
nVidea Geforce 560 TI 1280 GB (ASUS)
14GB DDR3 1066 CL7 Ram

What games are you playing? With this setup, I'm playing Skyrim, Portal 2, StarCraft 2, C&C 3, and Duke Nukem all at their respective highest graphics settings.

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