Hi, I have a 3 year old toshiba satellite pro and recently I've noticed that whenever the laptop is plugged in to the AC ( ie when I want to charge it while the laptop is on) it shuts down after about one second. Therefore the only way I can use my laptop is of I shut it down, charge it and use it on battery.
In summary I can't charge my laptop when it's on. What might be the problem?

Thanks a bunch any help will be really appreciated

It may be the power Adapter or Charging IC present on your Motherboard.

You first need to check your Laptop with a Power Adapter with a Known Good one. It may be giving less output then required one.

And There may be a problem with your Laptop Motherboard Charging IC or anything else with some Shortage that makes it turn off!

Ok I will try testing it.this laptop has has so many problems over the years that I fear it miff be he motherboard. I'd it turns out to be the Motherboard is there anything I can do to fix it or is it the pretty much dead?


Hello, i tested it and it still shuts down regardless of charger. what may be the problem?

If your problem is a motherboard one, you can go and buy a new one and replace it. When you charge your laptop did you hear the fan spin before it suddenly shut down. It may be a overheating issus. Have you consider that?

A faulty battery could also be the cause. Does it run ok on mains power with the battery removed?

My Toshiba L555 also had this problem. From what I read and what the person at the store told me, it sounds like problems with the motherboard. All of this happened after my 1-year warranty expired. I have a computer that's almost 10-years old and it still works. My mom and dad have a Packard-Bell with a 5-1/4 drive that still works. What does that tell you about Toshiba?

I have a two year Satellite. replaced the motherboard in first year. Has now shut down after losing date and time settings repeatedly. Now when I attempt to boot it up, the DVD clicks twice and the the machine shuts down. With battery and AC power.
During the first year there were some sequencing of keys that helped then. Does anyone know about this?

No matter if I had my battery disconnected (running off of the power supply) or using just the battery, my Toshiba would shut down. Right now, I've had it plugged into the power supply, with the battery in it. It's been running for 3 hours now. The only difference is that I have my ceiling fan blowing down on it. Therefore, I've come the the conclusion that it is an overheating problem. What do you mean by "sequencing of keys"?

What does that tell you about Toshiba?

nothing ,my wifes Toshiba is over 2 yrs old still working on same windows install since we bought it and its used every day
my dad's 84,im 58 ,my brother was 24 when he died in 1973,and we we all the same model,just different versions

I have Toshiba Satellite . I have same problem two ago I changed battery . It was going on ok. But from last week I am facing such a problem . I cant run my laptop while charging on. I tried unplugging battery with direct power that also failed. Please suggest me what to do next. Its a 3 yrs old one but other issue is ok.

I had the same problem and discovered a little trick for windows. What you have to do is disable the driver "microsoft acpi-compliant control method battery" and then with this device disabled you can plug in the charger and the computer will not turn off.

To do this more easily you need to download the devcon.exe file from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u3ks1uu7g7mdmlo/devcon.exe (64bits); or http://www.mediafire.com/file/h95x110t6yk6jl7/devcon.exe (32bits). And place it in the folder C: / Windows. Then download these files to enable and disable the device: http://www.mediafire.com/file/id2d0bcbh0fheog/Apagar-ACPI-Cargador.bat
and enter the device manager -> "microsoft acpi-compilant control methos battery" -> Properties -> Details -> Hardware ID and copy the first value. Then paste the value in the two files previously downloaded and save. Run "Shutdown - ACPI-Charger.bar" before plugging in the charger, and after plugging it in, execute "Enceder-ACPI-Charger.bat" in order to know how much charge the battery has. Good luck.

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