Hello all,

Any help would be really appreciated, i had to use the repair-function from the XP-professional install cd(including SP1) because my computer kept freezing all the time, in the freezing installation there was also SP2.
With the repair-installation everything seemed to work just fine, but after the repair, when i boot the machine it doesn´t even give the windows-boot screen.
The machine boots up ok, but then it gives always straight away the menu for safe mode/last working configuration/normal windows start.
It doesn´t matter what i choose, it never boots, just brings me back to this menu again.


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Okey... you broke it. Well, we're messing with nothing but the hard drive, apparently. Thank the monotheistic deity. Otherwise, your machine wouldn't get past the BIOS/POST.

Your freezing issue, however, could have been anything. If it was memory, you'd be getting blue screens, if it was the heatsink, your machine would restart whenever it felt like doing so, and if your hard drive was corrupt... well, a few bad things happen.
-You HEAR it. The infernal grinding.
-Windows freezes. Often.
-Windows falls short of requests, or you have to wait eons to load up directories.

Some of these are the effects of system parts, but a fragmented/corrupted hard drive will produce any of those symptoms.

In your situation:
Get your hard drive into another, functioning computer as a slave drive, aka, the grey-cable if this functioning computer is using IDE for its hard drives. Don't forget to change your hard drive's jumper/pin settings--check the back--to "slave" (usually you take off all of the plastic jumper(s))! The goal of this is to copy all of your files onto the functioning machine's hard drive as a form of temporary storage, until your hard drive is reformatted and Windows is back. In fact: I highly recommend "documents" and "programs" partitions on your drive, in the event Windows needs to be killed again. Or... you could have another hard disk in your box for that purpose. Either way, it's solvable. ;)

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