Hello there...Recently when I tried to switch on my old computer ( PIII 550, 8 GB, 128 MB), It didn't respond immediately and after a few seconds something blown out near the PSU and there was some smoke. Could someone pls help me as to how to go about with this problem now??. Do you think the power supply is burnt?? and if so can I try to change only the PSU box from another computer into mine?.
Do I need to make any other checks and do I need to take any precautions during that??.. Your help is highly appreciated.

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Open up the machine and sniff the PSU. If it smells bad, its gone. Get a new PSU and verify the diagnosis. If the computer doesn't turn on, then your mobo could be fried. We'll come to how to deal with that later. Just check the PSU now.

As a precaution, ensure the wall outlet is of the proper voltage and the earthing is done properly. Also, keep the area well ventilated and away from moisture.

Re: Pls Help...PSU burnt?? 80 80

I'm guessing from your discription that this is an older machine, if this is the case and it smoked, it may not be worth investing in.

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