Hi, A pc running XP Home has crashed and there is data on there i need.

I have another machine running xp pro and intend to add the corrupted hard drive as a 2nd drive (slave ) to try and recover the data. can this be done or can someone recommend how i go about it


irish bantam :cry:

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Yep it can be done easily. The only thing you have to do is take the "bad" hard drive and unplug it from your computer, then on the side where the plugs are, there should also be jumper settings (ie. a little piece of plastic that connects 2 small pins together). It should be set right now on "master", but you should change it to "slave". Each hard drive is a bit different, but if you look on the top or side of the actual hard drive it should have some graphic telling you the settings for master, slave, and cable select etc. Once you have it in "slave" pop it into your other machine (when it is turned off of course) and boot the machine. You should be able to get your data then by just browsing for it in my computer.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions that you need me to clairfy on just let me know.

Best of luck,

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