Hi there,
I recently got a quad G5 and thought I would be able to access my AGP G4 via target disc mode. But when I connect the 2 computers this way, My G5 can only see the internal disc in the G4 that has the operating system. I can't see any of the other big internal discs that I have in the G4. I'm a videomaker, so I have many Gigabytes worth of files on various discs in the G4 that I need to access.

I can't simply transfer the internal drives from the G4 to the G5 because the architecture is different.

I thought I had a work around by ordering a LaCie ethernet mini drive. My hope was that I could connect each computer to the LaCie Ethernet mini drive via ethernet cables, and then I could transfer needed files back and forth between my two computers. BUT, the drive arrived today and the manual said "this drive is formatted as a Fat-32 disc ... the biggest file that can be written to the drive is 4 gigabytes" - way too small for my needs. I thought of reformatting the disc but the LaCie liturature says that if I reformat it, say as a HFS+ mac drive, then I can only READ fiiles on it! So I'm going to send the Ethernet mini drive back and recoup my money, but that still leaves me with over 500 gigs worth of files on my G4 that I need to access from my G5. Any suggestions??

A friend mentioned I could get something that would allow me to put my internal drives into an external frame and then connect to the G5... what, where, who???

Thanks for any advice...

That is correct, Target mode only shows the boot device as specified in the PRAM.

Sounds like you just need a cheap firewire hd enclosure. Pull the drives from your old Mac, put them in the enclosure and copy the data off onto your G5.

This one will work just fine:


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