I'm running windows 98se on an old NCR computer and while it has 2 USB ports the computer says I don't have any USB anything. I got an mp3 player and it powers up when you plug it into either of the USB ports (like it's supposed to) but it is not rercognized as new hardware and when I search for new hardware it can't find it. Is this just a driver problem or the hardware(USB ports not working)? Help my mp3 player is crying out for attention. Thanks.

Re: USB won't recognize mp3 player 80 80

Hey, I am not sure what usb ports you have or what mp3 player you have but some mp3 players need a certain type of usb port inorder for you to use them. i would look at the manual and check on that

Re: USB won't recognize mp3 player 80 80

usb and winx don't work very well. Look on my computer of a removable hard drive.

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