My computer was working fine until tonight. I was sitting watching a movie on TV, and all of a sudden my computer just shut off. I tried to turn it back on, but I got nothing except that my optical USB mouse was still on. None of the fans in the computer turn on, and the power light doesn't turn on: only the USB stuff, that's it AFAIK.

I'm guessing/hoping it's the power supply, any thoughts? Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

-Matt Rix

Anyone got any ideas, tips, things to check? Anything?

Your PSU (Power Supply Unit) could be blown. Change that. Next on the list would be a dead mobo, but that doesn't make the fan dead. So, PSU is the most suspicious cause.

Thanks! :) Would it make sense that the USB stuff still works though, if the power supply is dead?

I'm not too sure about that. By rights, your optical mouse laser should not be on immediately when you switch on the PC. Thus, if your PSU is blown, I'm afraid that your motherboard might be gone too (something might have shorted, causing supply to the USB immediately). What brand is your PSU?

I'm have the same problem. My power supply works but power supply fan and the 4 case fans are not working, also case fan LEDs don't work. Everything appears to be working fine all subs and hard drive get power and are recognized. The only fan that is running is the one on the mother board over the processor chip. All connections appear to be connected. Any help would be greatly appricated.

Yes when pc is turn on at that time Usb is getting power from pc.

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