In my computer engineering class a friend and I have built a wireless robot which can turn and move forward. It is really basic. To make it a little more complex we have decided to put a webcam on the front of it, so that we can control it via the computer or the remote, and either way we can see an image in the computer if it is hooked up. Since it is a computer engineering class we would like to use one of the wired webcams that the teacher has, and make it wireless. Currently we have been testing some ideas out, but none of them have gone far enough to actually be useful. Is there a way to do this? we don't mind circuit diagrams, as I said it is a computer engineering class, but the easier it is the better.

Thanks for the help.

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What is the internal controller you are using for the robot? Figuring the wired webcam is USB, does the internal controller have a USB port? What OS is it running?

the wireless chip does not have a usb port. It is a simple TWS-434A Transmitter Module and a RWS-434 Receiver Module. We are only using 3 of the pins currently.

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