i have a vaio fs115e and when i turned it on after going out for an hour or so it came to a screen that said the last attempt to restart the system from its previous location failed. attempt to restart again? it then gives me a couple of options - delete restoration data and proceed to system reboot, and continue with system reboot. the thing is the keyboard has frozen and i can't do a darn thing.

am i in trouble? please be gentle with your replies as i am not technically minded in the slightest.

thankyou in advance

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typical. i spend hours trawling forums and i find the answer in one of the very first posts i looked at. here's what i did for anyone else who has a similar problem. when i push the power button and the vaio logo appears, i pressed escape which brought me to some option menu. i toggled along to advanced tag where there was a boot option there. mine was set to disabled, so i enabled it nd exited. it brought me to the screen that i had been getting previously with the 2 options but now i could use my keyboard to navigate my way through. hope this helps.

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