When i switch on my CPU and Monitor, the green light of monitor come normally then on screen it come "No signal Input or Cable Disconnected or Power Saving". And then orange light come. And monitor turns black.

You may have a lot of different issues that propogade similar way

No signal Input or Cable Disconnected or Power Saving

This message comes from the monitor itself.
Meaning no signal of any kind comes from PC.
Issues may be with

  1. Monotor itself
  2. Video Cable
  3. Computer

Here some simple troubleshooting tips.

  • Try to identify what comoponent is at fault, by using other knowly good/tested cable, monitor, computer.

If you use other monitor and everything works - your PC anf video cable fine, but issue with monitor itself.

  • Check simple stuff first.
  1. Power to computer.
  2. Check that video cable connected to both monitor and computer.
  3. Check Source Button/or Source Menu on the monitor. Some of the monitors have more then one source/input.

Good luck

Could be your graphics card, if you have one ofcourse.

try to do it again with a new power cable

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